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Sunfull Movement, Google Korea join hands against cyberbullying
관리자 2019.05.30 15:40:50 · Views:1650
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Sunfull Movement, Google Korea join hands against cyberbullying

Posted : 2019-05-29 08:25  /  Updated : 2019-05-29 08:25



By Bahk Eun-ji


The Sunfull Movement, a nonprofit anti-cyberbullying foundation, said Tuesday it will support a campaign to encourage positive comments online, sponsored by Google Korea.

Officials from the foundation and the company, as well as participants in the campaign, held a launch ceremony at the National Assembly Library in Seoul.

Under the theme of eliminating hate speech and malicious comments online, Google Korea and the Sunfull Movement will support 100 youth clubs in elementary, middle and high schools and universities nationwide. Members of the clubs will post comments and video clips about the harmful effects of hate speech as a part of their activities.

Google Korea is participating in the movement as a part of the company's efforts to educate the public on making proper judgments about the media in the digital age and how to use various media tools. It has been running a relevant program since 2017.

"It is meaningful that the global internet company Google is joining hands with us," said Sunfull Movement Chairman Min Byoung-chul. "The Sunfull Movement is an online peace campaign fighting against derogatory and malicious comments. I hope this campaign will be an opportunity for young people to realize the harmful effects of malicious commenting."