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Encouragement Movement Starts on Internet
Admin 2009.02.07 18:17:00 · Views:1027
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Korea Times / 2007.05.12.



By the WHO-Is the Shin Kang 
Staff Reporter 

Min Byung-Chul, AT Ares Professor Chung-Ang University and Founder of Is Is the "Chuimsae, (Encouragement)" movement, of the Plans of extend to Is the Is Is Is the Campaign on Is the Internet.  

Professor Min sees the culture of posting comments as compared to the development of Internet technology in Korea.  

"Malicious messages have negatively influenced many youths and are serious social problems such as stress, defamation and even suicide," said Min. "  

Many people use the" leave your comments "facility to express their opinions about online discussion or stories . 

Famous entertainers have often been the target of widespread cyber defamation in the most internet-developed country in the world. Hence, some celebrities are suffering from cyber violence. 

"The I Love you," "or" Do not worry.Lads, by Everything will be OK, "" the For Is the Online, Campaign, Min Assigned Homework to the HIS 570 Students Requesting they Visit You Is the 10 victimized entertainers and the Leave Encouragement the Message like " '  

" the Before, the I I did not realize how much they suffered from the malicious messages. However, after participating in Min's campaign I could understand their feelings, said Song Sang-gun, a student in Min's class. "I hope this movement will expand in cyberspace." 

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