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Structure & People

A peaceful internet society starts at the tip of our fingers.

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  • Goodwill Ambassador 2AM Jo Kwon, Singer
    I hope that there will be no more negative cases involving malicious comments. I wish everyone could demonstrate the power of positive thinking with good comments. I will always offer my support for efforts for eliminating malicious comments. We can do it!
  • Goodwill Ambassador Ji-sung Park, Soccer Player
    Casually-posted malicious comments can inflict deep wounds on the targeted person. Please create a beautiful feeling with beautifully spoken and written words. The Sunfull Movement is where positive youth personality development begins and where love is put into action with good comments.
  • Goodwill Ambassador Sunmi (WonderGirls), Singer
    Even if you try not to mind malicious comments, it is difficult not to. These days, not only celebrities, but also ordinary people, suffer from these malicious comments. Even a tiny spark from a hateful comment can spread into a huge fire that can get out of hand. I will do my best to take the lead in fighting against it. So, I hope that you can also do your part in putting a stop to the postings of malicious comments. Thanks!
  • Goodwill Ambassador Shindong, Singer
    Many of you may be unfamiliar with the Sunfull Movement. Sunfull, which means “good comments”, is the opposite of malicious comments. Good Sunfull comments make many people happy! I will set an example and take the lead in the Sunfull Movement. Are you willing to join me in changing the world by posting good comments? I hope that everybody will join this campaign.
  • Goodwill Ambassador Hyelim (Wonder Girls), Singer
    As a supporter for the Sunfull Movement, I too will try to use beautiful and nice words. Every one of you, please join the Sunfull Movement with your supportive comments that provide courage and hope to others. Way to go, Sunfull!
  • Goodwill Ambassador Meng Jia (Miss A), Singer
    Do not post bad words that can hurt others, but instead, try to write many good ones. Support the people around you with your good words. As a supporter of the Sunfull Movement, I will try harder to speak well of others and support them. Thank you!
  • Goodwill Ambassador Lee Young-pyo, Soccer player
    The internet is a common space where we share information, love, and hope. It is a place for communication. I hope that we can achieve a more honest, clear, and clean society. I hope that we get to love and understand one another through good comments and forget about the hateful comments.
  • Goodwill Ambassador Sayuri Fujita, TV Entertainer
    It is a pleasure to be a supporter of the Sunfull Movement. I would like to ask people not to write malicious comments on my homepage. While malicious commenters just casually post such things, the readers get deeply hurt. We should try to control ourselves from posting malicious comments. Please support and love the Sunfull Movement.
  • Goodwill Ambassador Sam Hammington, Comedian
    As more and more people use the internet, malicious comments are becoming a serious problem. While working in the media, I myself have suffered from malicious comments. When posters just casually write malicious comments, those comments frequently have a major impact on the receivers. I hope that we can create a happy internet society with good comments.
  • Goodwill Ambassador Sun-jin Lee, Model
    Until the day when one becomes one hundred, ten thousand, one hundred thousand, and ten million, I will do my small part with everyone to participate in this Sunfull Movement. Just hearing the world Sunfull, makes me feel good. Everyone, please join us in this lovely campaign. Love you all!