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Structure & People

A peaceful internet society starts at the tip of our fingers.

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Sunfull SNS Human Rights Committee (SSHRC)

SSHRC is an online-based pro bono service, which provides free legal consulting services from a licensed Korean attorney focusing on legal issues of online malicious comments.

Organization of SSHRC

SSHRC was founded together by the Sunfull Foundation and the Korean Bar Association.

  • Byoung-chul Min – Co Founder, Chairman of the Sunfull Foundation
  • Hyun Kim – Co Founder, President of the Korean Bar Association
  • Ki-won Yoon – President of Public Interest and Legal Support of SSHRC, Attorney

Legal Assistance Center – 100 registered Korean lawyers provide voluntary counseling services through the SSHRC official website, The SSHRC administrative department assigns individual clients to particular attorneys.