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Structure & People

A peaceful internet society starts at the tip of our fingers.

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  • Chairman Min Byoung-chul
    It is a major issue that our internet society is being filled with hateful malicious comments, in which children and youth are defenselessly exposed to such comments. One warm word or one encouraging comment can create a beautiful internet and society. We hope to expand this peace movement, the Sunfull Movement, worldwide.
  • Co-Representative (Adviser) Lee Soon-jae,
    TV Actor
    There is an old proverb, “A good tongue is a good weapon.” One can accumulate good virtues if one speaks well of someone. One single word can have the strength to earn a good fortune, but may also even have the power to take somebody’s life. I hope that everyone would make a choice with their words, which will bring themselves a future full of success and happiness.
  • Co-Representative Yoo Dong-geun,
    TV Actor
    The celebrities who live by the love of the public practically have no means to respond to malicious comments, so they have to bear the mental pain, distress, and depression, or just give up. Thus, the beautiful comments posted by netizens can serve as the only available hope and consolation to soothe the shock, sufferings, and wounds caused by such malicious comments.
  • Co-Representative Jung Joon-ho,
    Movie Actor
    One warmly spoken or written word gives great encouragement to us who work in the entertainment industry. I would deeply appreciate it if you would give us support with even one warm posting. I hope that the Sunfull Movement will motivate you to use beautiful positive words.
  • Co-Representative Seo Kyung-seok,
    Comedian and Show Host
    It is never too late. If we are united as one heart and speak well of one another and encourage one another to post nice words, I think, sooner or later, we will be able to create a truly beautiful internet society.