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Sunfull Movement started in Korea

The Sunfull Internet Peace Movement originated in Korea. Starting as a university class assignment, the concept was quickly recognized by educators as a way for school children to experience the value and impact of making positive comments to others, while learning about the damage that can be inflicted by malicious comments on the internet.

It is this character-education component combined with the beneficial effects of positive comments that motivated a significant percentage of educators throughout Korea to include Sunfull as part of their anti-bullying programs in Korean elementary, middle, and high schools.

Global need for Sunfull Movement

Sunfull is a concept that can benefit the entire world. Every country is experiencing some level of cyberbullying, and with the spread of the internet, online harassment will continue to increase if steps are not taken now to counter it.

Quite often, it seems that there is another news story about a teenager who has committed suicide, in part, due to online harassment and torment. Moreover, for each teenager who takes his or her own life, there are thousands of other teenagers who are suffering from bullying in silence.

Governments and school systems globally are developing and implementing anti-cyberbullying programs. These programs generally focus on two areas:

  1. Informing students that cyberbullying is bad.
  2. Providing counseling and support to children who are the victims of cyberbullying.

Sunfull is different. While educating students about the harm that can be done and providing support to victims of cyberbullying are very important, Sunfull believes that it is also critical to give students a positive commenting experience.

The Sunfull concept should be a part of a school system&rsquos anti-cyberbullying effort that: provides support for the victims of bullying; makes it known that bullying is not acceptable behavior; and provides an active character education process of posting positive comments. Posting positive comments will motivate a portion of a school&rsquos student body either to stop (or at least diminish) posting malicious comments or not to start posting malicious comments in the first place.

Expand Sunfull to your country

We are looking for school administrators and teachers, government officials, and business people who are concerned about bullying to help implement Sunfull in countries around the world.

If you would like more information about getting involved with the Sunfull program, please contact us at