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Countering Cyberbullying

A peaceful internet society starts at the tip of our fingers.

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How Sunfull counters cyberbullying

Sunfull educates the following three steps to take if you are the victim of cyberbullying:

Step 1: PRESERVE evidence of bullying Make sure to download or capture the entire image of the bullying comments or message conversation with the sender’s online ID. In that way, you can track down the bully in case it escalates to the higher authority.

Step 2: PREVENT further damage Do not contact the bully directly. Block the bully immediately and report the abuse to the service provider such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Also make sure to secure your personal information by changing your privacy settings.

Step 3: ASK a trusted adult or professional for help It is important to talk about your cyberbullying experience with a trusted adult or a professional who can give you advice on how to get help.

Sunfull Mission: POST positive comments Sunfull members counter cyberbullying by getting students to post positive comments. Our members have posted positive and relevant comments that total over 7.5 million comments since 2007. These positive comments benefit both the readers of the comments, as well as the posters of the comment.

The power of positive comments

The internet enables people to exchanging ideas and opinions with people all over the world. People post their ideas and opinions on blogs, social networks, and the comments section of news articles. Other people post comments that agree or expand upon the original idea, or disagree with the original posting.

The problem is when the disagreements become vicious, and comments intended to hurt another person are posted on the internet. The volume of negative comments can overwhelm the discussion, drowning out the constructive comments.

We believe that positive comments counter these vicious and hurtful comments. Most importantly, the act of seeing vicious and hurtful comments on a website and then posting a positive comment to counter the negative comments greatly benefits the poster. Someone who has gone through the experience of posting a Sunfull-type positive comment is much less likely to post a malicious comment in the future.

Working with schools

Our primary focus is for schoolchildren to experience posting positive comments, as schoolchildren in Korea are a major source of malicious comments on the internet. Schools use Sunfull as a part of their anti-bullying programs.

Students in Korea who are participating in the Sunfull program:

  1. Search the internet for a situation where malicious comments are being posted;
  2. Research and understand the circumstances;
  3. Write and post a positive and meaningful comment.

Students are credited by their schools with one hour of community service for every 20 comments that they post to the internet. With the research required and the effort needed to write a meaningful comment, students typically spend two to three hours to post 20 comments.

Student postings are monitored by a teacher to ensure that the students are posting comments for situations that are appropriate for the students, based on the particular student’s age and ability.

Working with businesses and organizations

We work with various businesses and organizations to encourage their members to post positive and thoughtful comments, as well as to support the expansion and operation of the Sunfull Movement.

Businesses and organizations may help Sunfull by providing financial support, and by helping to promote and implement the Sunfull program at schools in their area.