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About Sunfull

A peaceful internet society starts at the tip of our fingers.

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Sunfull, an Anti-Cyberbullying Campaign

The Sunfull Foundation is a non-governmental organization founded in 2007 that started the global Sunfull Internet Peace Movement, that works to counter cyberbullying, hate speech and human rights violations on the internet.

A Positive Comment Campaign

The Sunfull Movement is a global online, positive-comment campaign that provides encouragement and hope to people suffering from malicious comments posted on websites and social media. We are working to increase public awareness of the damage and suffering that groundless and malicious comments can cause to victims. We are changing the internet to a friendlier and more civilized public sphere.

As a public awareness campaign, the Sunfull Movement urges the public to value their own lives and those of others. It strives to change the behavior and mindset of netizens by encouraging them to post positive and cheerful comments on internet websites.

A Global Internet Peace Movement

Since 2007, Sunfull has worked with hundreds of thousands of people to post millions of messages to encourage the victims of cyberbullying, as well as messages of condolence and encouragement to those who suffered from natural disasters and tragic global incidents.

The Sunfull Movement, as a ‘Global Internet Peace Movement’, takes the lead in spreading messages of condolence and encouragement in response to global disasters and crises. Past special comment campaigns have been held in response to the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy in the U.S., the Sichuan, China earthquakes, the Paris, France terror attacks, the Kumamoto, Japan earthquakes, the Australia forest fire and the Maria, Irma, and Harvey hurricanes in the U.S.

Joining the Sunfull Movement

Currently, over 7,000 schools and organizations in Korea are participating in the Sunfull Movement, with more joining every month.

The Sunfull Movement is looking for people in other countries to introduce Sunfull to their schools and communities. The Sunfull method can help students and communities around the world to understand the impact their posting of negative comments has on other people, and Sunfull’s positive comments will provide hope and encouragement to those who are being attacked through the internet.

Sunfull’s vision is if every person around the world posts positive comments and uses good language, we will start to overcome the barriers in our minds against others, which will make a significant contribution to peace in our global village.