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Sunfull – an Internet Peace Movement
We counter cyber-bullying, hate speech and human rights abuses on the internet. We inspire young people to help build world peace by posting messages of encouragement and condolence to people targeted by malicious online attacks and the victims of tragic world events.
Goal :
10 million comments
Goal :
1 million members
Acknowledge the seriousness of cyberbullying and positive effects of writing encouraging comments. more
Stop Speak Support
Participate in this campaign to support Prince William’s Anti-Bullying campaign! more
2020 Tokyo Olympics
Send your encouragement for the successful hosting of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics! more
Internet Peace Prize
To recognize and support those who have contributed to online peace. more
Sunfull Internet Peace Campaign
Support for Peace on the Korean Peninsula. more
Sunfull National Assembly Members
297 members of 299 (99.3%) sign the Sunfull Pledge. more
Find Your Connector
Send your hopes and wishes to meet with your connector. more
Send your encouragement to BTS & all ARMY members for contributing to online peace. more
Wake Up, Jaeyoon!
Send your prayers for the recovery of Jaeyoon, who is in a coma. more
Byoung-chul Min
Dr. Min's practical English and creative business idea project. more
Subscribe to the Sunfull Internet Peace Movement's official youtube channel! more
Comment Campaigns
Send your positive and encouraging messages through Sunfull. more