Sunfull, a movement to promote peace on the Internet, counters bullying and the hateful comments that are posted on the Internet.

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  • 中文 (Chinese)


    1. 我会在发布网络信息的时侯,尊重自己和其他网民
    2. 我只会发布真相事实
    3. 我会尊重他人的生活隐私
  • English

    Internet Posting Etiquette

    1. I will be respectful to myself and others
    2. I will be truthful in my online comments
    3. I will respect other people’s privacy
  • Français (French)

    Etiquette Internet Affichage

    1. Je serai respectueux envers moi-même et les autres
    2. Je vais être honnête dans mes commentaires en ligne
    3. Je m'engage à respecter la vie privée d'autrui
  • 日本語 (Japanese)


    1. 私は文章を載せるときに、自分自身と他のネチズンを尊重する
    2. 私は真実だけを上げる
    3. 私は他の人々のプライバシーを尊重する
  • 한국의 (Korean)

    인터넷 게시 에티켓

    1. 나는 글을 올릴 때, 나 자신과 다른 네티즌들을 존중한다
    2. 나는 진실만을 올린다
    3. 나는 다른 사람들의 사생활을 존중한다
  • Русский язык (Russian)

    Этикет при комметариях в Интернете

    1. Я буду уважать себя и других
    2. Я буду правдивым в моих комментариях онлайн
    3. Я буду уважать частную жизнь других людей

School Programs

Our programs, which are part of an overall anti-bullying program, give schoolchildren the opportunity to experience the value of posting positive comments.

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Sunfull Comments

Our members post positive messages to encourage others. Our members have posted over 7,308,027 positive and meaningful comments on sites where people are being attacked.

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Sunfull Expansion

The Sunfull Movement, which started in Korea, can help schools in other countries reduce bullying by providing the character education component of an anti-bullying program.

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If you are being bullied

If you are being bullied, talk to a responsible and trusted adult. Do not wait, thinking the problem will go away. There are people in your community who want to help you.